What is a four point inspection?

A Four-Point inspection is one that is required by the insurance company when a homeowner is purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy, or renewing their existing policy.  This type of inspection covers four points of a home. These four points are the most common areas that result in an insurance claim. The insurance company is looking for the four systems to be in good working condition and fulfilling their intended function.

Four-Point inspection is a limited, visual survey of the following;

  • Roofing – Estimated remaining life, condition, type and damage.
  • Electrical – Electrical panel is inspected for brand, wiring types and hazards.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) – Inspected to determine age, condition and observed hazards.
  • Plumbing- Under sinks and water heater are visually checked for signs of leaks, material, approximate age and hazards.

** This is not the type of inspection used to purchase a home.

Why do I need a 4 point inspection?

This inspection is often required for homes more than 25 years of age. The insurance company wants documentation that the home does not have safety issues or existing hazards that could result in costly claims such as fire, water leaks or defective roofs. This inspection is required before coverage can begin. If there are safety issues or hazards are found, they will have to be corrected before insurance can be obtained. A second inspection after repairs are completed will be required. The report must document and prove with photos proof of repairs.

Accurate Home Inspections is fully licensed, insured, and certified. We make it simple for our clients to get their inspections done accurately. To schedule your Four Point Inspection please call 772-337-4463.


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